Reimagine Policing and Public Safety

Simsi provides the best software to diagnose crime patterns, prioritize places in need, and coordinate resources for prevention.

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Better Spatial Awareness

We provide a better picture of what is affecting crime patterns, without the bias.

Better Community Engagement

We provide context on why crime is happening, allowing you to involve community members and other stakeholders to address the problems at the right places and times.

Safer Communities

We deal you a strong hand to reduce and prevent crime with a softer touch. You'll maximize local resources and expertise to make your community safer and strengthen public relations.

Places, not People

Simsi Focuses on Environmental Factors

Our technology, Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), is a powerful diagnostic tool for agencies and community organizations. RTM identifies environmental conditions that lead to crime and other problems.
Diagnostics, not predictions

Simsi Helps You Respond Better

Do what you do best even better. Learn why problems emerge or persist at particular places. Identify other similar and vulnerable places. Maximize existing resources to mitigate risks.
make a real difference

Simsi Helps You Solve Problems

Focus your resources on the places that need them most. Simsi products inform decision-making, encourage collaboration, and help you solve problems.
What we do

Simsi Software and Benefits

Our suite of spatial analytics and community engagement tools will help you foster a safer community, improve equity, and save money.


Our flagship product. RTMDx diagnoses crime patterns.

Temporal Heatmaps

Find insights in your data by seeing which days and times are most affected by crime.

Pocket GIS

There's no need for ArcMap or another GIS. Analyze your data visually with our super simple built-in GIS system.

Data-Informed Community Engagement (DICE)

Follow our framework that uses RTMDx analyses to facilitate more community engagement in your crime fighting efforts.

Actionable Results

RTMDx is smarter than other systems. It doesn't just tell you where to go, it tells you why and gives you more context for taking action.


Our technology is based on more than 10 years of peer-reviewed public research. No black boxes here.

Smart Introductory pricing

Flexibility for Everyone

Our subscription tiers are based on the number of constituents within your service area.
Non-profit organizations and educational institutions receive discounted pricing. Contact us for more information.

What clients are saying

Simsi software has been successfully deployed by local governments, police departments, non-profit organizations, and small and large businesses all over the world. Here's what they have to say.

“Our crime-fighting strategy would not have been the same without RTMDx. Its commonsense, easy-to-use platform made complex spatial analyses easy for analysts of all abilities. Best of all, the outputs and reports were seamlessly created, easy to understand, and actionable to our members.”
Captain & Analyst
Kansas City Police Department, Missouri
“RTM is so much more than a project or product — it offers an irreversible perspective on safety and risk that drives action and innovation.”
Data Science Manager
City of Edmonton, Canada
“Risk Terrain Modeling is a non-biased approach to addressing the reason for WHY crime is occurring in a given location. RTM allows us to focus on the true causes of crime and fix the problems.”
Assistant Chief
Fayetteville, NC Police Department

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