Fighting Violent Crime with RTM & Support from Federal Grants

Leaders from the Major City Chiefs Association (MCCA) wrote a treatise in 2018 on the demands, tactics, and technologies that can and should be used to address violent crime. This Violent Crime Reduction Operations Guide remains useful and relevant today. … Read More

Organized Retail Crime

Organized retail crime and related safety concerns are a big issue for retailers today. It amounts to a $69-100B loss per year for the private sector, and it impacts the public, law enforcement, and justice systems too. Reputations are damaged … Read More

Goodhart’s Law and DICE™

Goodhart’s Law states, “every measure which becomes a target becomes a bad measure,” and rings especially true when examining large-scale interventions. The risk of overly optimizing resources for singularly-focused initiatives, like a city heavily investing in a specific program as … Read More

Here’s the Thing

“Here’s the thing”….“No, not quite.” Or, “Chief, lot’s happened since we last spoke,” are some pretty hard ways to start off a conversation. Disappointing someone’s expectations or not supporting a preconceived notion are things we too often frown upon in … Read More

Behavior Settings

Crime hot spots are chronic illegal behavior settings. You can diagnose their attractors and generators of illegal behavior with Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), then aim to change the ways these places influence or enable interactions of people that result in repeated … Read More

ASEBP 2023 was Legendary

The ASEBP 2023 conference in Vegas was legendary for many reasons. The Simsi Team is proud to have been a sponsor. Be sure to check out the recorded video presentations (in the Whova app) by Iain Agar (Metropolitan Police Service, … Read More

Crime Prevention Evidence

Simsi analytics show you which settings attract criminal behavior in order to disrupt opportunities for crime by focusing on the environment. Simsi’s RTMDx SaaS platform meets community expectations for crime prevention and the operational needs of police at all levels of government … Read More

Summertime Safe Spaces

Are you ready for the Summer (crime) season? Crime patterns change. The time-of-day or day-of-week makes risky places even more fluid. Summer weather, travel and other activities can make crime patterns more dynamic. Different crime types such as robbery, burglary … Read More

Real-Time Crime & Fusion Centers

Police are under pressure to prevent crime without focusing on people. They need the tools to effectively focus on places instead. The solution is Simsi analytics that tell you which settings attract criminal behavior in order to disrupt opportunities for … Read More

Dispatch Communications and 1st Responder Safety

Knowledge about risky places can be used by dispatch and communications professionals to assess and manage personal injury risks to first responders at any address throughout a jurisdiction. Make real-time risk assessments on a call-by-call basis to optimize resources and … Read More