Make the Most of Your Simsi Mobile App

The Simsi Mobile App extends Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) intel into the field, in the palm of your hand. It’s a powerful way to turn your analyses into action.

RTM supports many methods of crime prevention, such as directed patrols and problem-oriented policing. Beyond mere presence in certain locations, police officers equipped with the Simsi Mobile App see precisely what risky places are nearby. The Risk Narratives tool gives them real-time situational awareness and insights about what to do when they arrive on-scene.

With just a few clicks, the Simsi Mobile App lets analysts connect directly with multiple people in the field to share maps, risk scores, place feature details, and risk narratives that drive action at the hyper-local level.

Make your visible presence in the community meaningful with the information you need to make it truly place-based.

Using the Simsi Mobile App at all levels of your agency empowers more people to do what they do best at the places needing them most. Protect officers, reduce alert fatigue, make spaces safer, gain practical feedback for the next round of analysis, and reinforce positive community engagements for crime prevention and other public safety outcomes.

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