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Training Workshops

Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) is risk assessment for places. It diagnoses crime patterns, and identifies environmental conditions that contribute to crime problems. RTM drives decision-making and action for public safety. This interactive workshop is designed for everyone, without any previous experience or background in data analysis or crime prevention programming. We’ll discuss how to use RTM for resource deployments, investigations, community engagement, and prevention. You will learn how RTM works, review case studies, and gain practical insights and tips to take home for implementation.


Located in-person at host site


Police officers (all ranks), city managers, non-profit organizations, business leaders, and other community stakeholders interested in public safety should attend.


Participants will earn a Certificate of Completion


Most of these workshops are fully funded through Simsi sponsorship and incur little or no direct costs to host sites. 

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Dr. Joel Caplan works with cities and towns to prevent crime, improve community policing, and make data-informed decisions that enhance public safety. He specializes in GIS mapping and crime pattern analysis, and co-developed Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM). RTM is the underlying technology behind Simsi, a Rutgers University start-up company to which Joel is a co-founder.

Joel is a Professor at Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice (SCJ) and serves as Director of the Rutgers Center on Public Security (RCPS). He has professional experience as a police officer, 9-1-1 dispatcher and emergency medical technician. Joel has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and two books, “Risk-Based Policing: Evidence-Based Crime Prevention with Big Data and Spatial Analytics” (2018) and “Risk Terrain Modeling: Crime Prevention and Risk Reduction” (2016). His research on communities, crime and policing empowers multiple stakeholders with evidence to maximize resources and create safer and more secure environments. Joel earned his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania (2008) and is also a proud alumnus of Rutgers University (2004) and The College of New Jersey (2003).


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Jonas Baughman is a 20-year veteran of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department (KCPD). He has enjoyed a variety of assignments during his tenure at KCPD, including patrol, investigations, and administration.
Jonas discovered the value and utility of data and crime analysis during his formative years as a patrol officer. He took that interest and cultivated it as a professional passion, leading to positions such as a sworn analyst, helping create the KCPD’s Real-Time Crime Center, supervising a squad of gang intelligence detectives, and providing strategic analysis and other metrics for executive staff as an analyst assigned to the Office of Chief of Police.  Captain Baughman is currently assigned to the KCPD’s crime analysis unit, where he oversees the agency’s crime/intelligence analysis teams, its Real-time Crime Center, and gang intelligence squad.
Jonas’ primary interests include spatial analysis/GIS and data visualization.  His work, particularly in spatial analysis and implementation of RTM, has been published in industry publications as well as peer-reviewed journals.  He co-authored Modern Policing Using ArcGIS Pro and is currently writing a second book focused on educating law enforcement command staff about the value of crime analysis and GIS, as well as how to use them to increase public safety.  A staunch advocate of focusing on crime prevention, Jonas is grateful his work with RTM has garnered attention from police departments within the United States and abroad, as well as recognition from esteemed organizations such as the IACP and Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.


Adriana Santos is Director of Client Accounts and Services at Simsi where she leads the team of RTM Analysts and works directly with partners to provide professional support and consultation. She has extensive experience with Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) and Data-Informed Community Engagement (DICE) for crime prevention programming.
Adriana has earned RTM Certification and the distinction of DICE Mentor on the Simsi DICE Mentorship Program team. Adriana has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University–Newark (RU-N). She serves as Program Manager for the Newark Public Safety Collaborative (NPSC), a RU-N anchor initiative aimed at democratizing access to data and analytics to empower community stakeholders to become co-producers of public safety.


Through Simsi and NPSC, Adriana is directly involved with or leading multiple projects that incorporate RTM and DICE in the United States and around the world. This includes training and instruction to police officers, elected officials, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders focused on making spaces safer.


Kansas City, MO

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Kansas City, MO Police Department

Congratulations to graduating Class #1


Austin, TX

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Austin Police Department

Congratulations to graduating Class #2


Atlantic City, NJ

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Atlantic City Police Department and Stockton University School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Congratulations to graduating Class #3


Durham, NC

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Durham Police Department and Carolinas Crime Analysis Association

Congratulations to graduating Class #4


Burlington, MA

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Burlington Police Department and Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts

Congratulations to graduating Class #5


Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Safe City Mississauga and Sheridan College

Congratulations to graduating Class #6



University Park, IL

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Hazel Crest Police Department and Governors State University

Congratulations to graduating Class #7


Torrance, CA

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Torrance Police Department and SCCIAA

Congratulations to graduating Class #8


St. Louis, MO

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): The Federation of Block Units and the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

Congratulations to graduating Class #9


Green Bay, WI 

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Green Bay Police Department and WILEAN

Congratulations to graduating Class #10


Grand Rapids, MI 

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Grand Rapids Police Department and City of Grand Rapids

Congratulations to graduating Class #11


New Orleans, LA  

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office

Congratulations to graduating Class #12


Cambridge, England (UK) 

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Anglia Ruskin University

Congratulations to graduating Class #13


London, England (UK) 

Host(s) and Co-Sponsor(s): Metropolitan Police Service

Congratulations to graduating Class #14



Greenville, SC

Sponsorship: Carolinas Crime Analysis Association (CCAA), TRAINING CONFERENCE,


Chandler, AZ

Sponsorship: International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC), ANNUAL CONFERENCE,


Las Vegas, NV

Sponsorship: American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP), ANNUAL CONFERENCE,


Daytona Beach, FL

Sponsorship: Florida Crime & Intelligence Analyst Association (FCIAA), ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE,


Grapevine, TX

Sponsorship: International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE,


San Diego, CA

Sponsorship: San Diego Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (SDCIAA), ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE,


Brighton, UK

Attendance: Police Digital Summit (PDS), ANNUAL CONFERENCE,

2023 Events

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Conferences & Sponsorships

2023 Activities

NYS DCJS Public Safety Symposium


September 26-28, 2023
Albany, NY

International City/County Management Association (ICMA)


September 30 – October 4, 2023
Austin, TX

Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts (MACA)

New England Crime Analysis & Intelligence Conference

October 2 – October 6, 2023
Plymouth, MA

Stop by our booth. See a software demo. Grab some swag!

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)


October 14-17, 2023
San Diego, CA
The IACP/Simsi “Leadership in Law Enforcement Research Award”. This award recognizes law enforcement agencies that demonstrate excellence in conducting and using research to improve police operations and public safety. One goal of the award is to promote the establishment of effective partnerships among law enforcement agencies and researchers.

European Association of Crime Analysts (EACA)


October 23-24, 2023
We’re a Silver Sponsor!

Safe City Mississauga


October 27, 2023
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
We’re a Silver Sponsor!