Real-Time Crime & Fusion Centers

Police are under pressure to prevent crime without focusing on people. They need the tools to effectively focus on places instead. The solution is Simsi analytics that tell you which settings attract criminal behavior in order to disrupt opportunities for crime by focusing on the environment.

Simsi’s RTMDx platform meets community expectations and the operational needs of police at all levels of government (municipal, county, regional, state).

Simsi’s SaaS platform focuses on problem-solving and sustainable crime prevention, not just police deployments. It focuses on places and doesn’t target people. And it’s evidence-based and proven to work via practical user experiences and over 65 peer-reviewed journal articles from the U.S. and around the world.

  • The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), National Institute of Justice (NIJ) named Risk Terrain Modeling the January 2023 “Term of the Month
  • Newark, NJ reduced gun violence by 35% and motor vehicle theft by 40%. Use of RTMDx software in Newark is now proclaimed by the DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) as an exemplary model for cities and towns across the nation to deliver public safety as Data-Informed Community Engagement (DICE)
  • Atlantic City, NJ reduced robberies by 63%
  • Fayetteville, NC reduced motor vehicle break-ins by 35% and violent crimes by 11% citywide, and wrote about it in Police Chief magazine
  • Dallas, TX reduced murders by 16%, and codified RTM into city law
  • Kansas City, MO reduced gun violence by 22%, and saw an estimated cost savings of $4.9M to local criminal justice and emergency healthcare systems
  • Essex Police (UK) reduced violent crime by 47%, and they saved $10 for every $1 spent on Simsi, according to their cost-benefit analysis.

States can experience similar returns on investment when Simsi software is added to the analytic toolkits of every Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) or Fusion Center. Crime analyses and actionable reports will offer hyper-local assessments tailored to each county, municipality, or law enforcement jurisdiction. Police and other community stakeholders will be able to act with an effective and equitable distribution of resources to prevent crime and enhance public safety.

Use cases include data analysis and mapping, investigations, counter-terrorism, CCTV/virtual surveillance, community engagement, and violence reduction. 

Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) is the core technology and analytic method that powers RTMDx. RTM analysis diagnoses crime location patterns and identifies environmental conditions that contribute to crime problems.

  • Different crime incident locations can have common underlying causes. That is, events may be unrelated, but attractive settings for them may share similar qualities. 
  • Diagnose crime hot spots and fix them. But also, there’s no need to wait for crimes to persist or cluster. Analyze as few as 5 crime incidents, such as emerging series or sprees.
  • RTM sheds light on why crimes pattern the way they do. 
  • RTM puts the focus on places, not people.

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