What is DICE™️?

DICE™ is the product that provides a strategic framework and process for crime prevention and public safety with Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM). It enables data-informed and community-focused activities and outcomes that meet local needs and expectations with its focus on places.

Simsi’s DICE™ Mentorship Program includes software and support to get your local jurisdiction up-and-running quickly with DICE™ via the Public Safety Collaborative (PSC) model. Simsi’s experienced and knowledgeable DICE™ Mentorship Team works directly with your designated local liaison(s) to complete key tasks over 24 months. Initially, the Simsi Team takes the lead while teaching the local liaison how to do what needs to be done (and build their confidence along the way). Then, the local liaison takes more responsibility as the Simsi Team steps back to a more supportive role. Your DICE™ initiative is always locally relevant with local control and ownership. Simsi works with you to adopt best-practices and build local confidence for sustainable success.

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