Workshops are Hot Spots for Learning About Crime Prevention and Public Safety

Crime and violence are top priorities for many cities across the United States. Adequately addressing these issues in a way that meets local expectations can be challenging. Police can’t do it alone.

Simsi’s Crime Prevention with Risk Terrain Modeling workshop series draws large groups of people eager to learn how to share the burden of crime prevention and co-produce public safety. These half-day workshops, hosted by local partners, give participants a solid grasp of Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), Risk-Based Policing (RBP), and data-informed community engagement. Six states will have hosted workshops in 2022 and there’s more to come in 2023 due to high demand in North America and around the world.

DICE™ brings community members and police officers together to reduce crime and save public dollars. At Simsi, we’re proud to be a key partner in local DICE™ initiatives.

DICE™ relies on Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), a crime analysis technique originally developed at Rutgers University and now made widely available around the world via Simsi’s RTMDx™ software. DICE™ with RTM empowers everyone to do what they do best at the places needing them most. 

Some places are more attractive for criminal behavior than others. Crime analysis is about figuring out the unique contexts and opportunities for crime at particular settings. RTM diagnoses these location patterns and offers better insights about how to make spaces safer. Simsi’s DICE™ Program empowers public agencies, community organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other local stakeholders to become partners in public safety. The result is a comprehensive, transparent, and effective crime prevention strategy tailored to local problems. Law enforcement is only one part of the effort. 

DICE™ is evidence-based practice. It’s equitable and effective. And, it’s in line with the “numbers plus narratives” strategic priority of the U.S. National Institute of Justice to ensure that research evidence yields positive change [reference].

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