Analyst Tips

Geocode and Explore Your Geography

Use Simsi software to explore your geography!   With RTMDx, you can quickly explore your geographic landscape to search for places, features, or a single address. See what exists at or around risky areas. Gain a street-level perspective. Use the … Read More

Compare Analyses to Measure Success

Is your deployment strategy effectively reducing risk at priority places? Use RTMDx software to measure success! Read more or jump right to watching the short video demo below. You already ran an RTM analysis to diagnose the most significant place … Read More

Generate Temporal Heat Map

What’s the peak time for crime? Use RTMDx software to create temporal heat maps quickly and easily! Read more or jump right to watching the short video demo, below. With just 3 clicks the Temporal Heat Map Generator shows the … Read More

Filter Tool (analyze subsets of data)

Use filter tools to focus the analysis on a particular subset of your data. This short video clip demonstrates how! RTMDx lets you run temporal analyses for a specific time or date range (e.g. daytime/nighttime or summer/winter months). You can … Read More