Data and Technology for Social Good

There’s lots of good news in store for 2023. I’m eager to share all the forthcoming details for Simsi and its partners. Alas, I’ll wait till the time is right to make new news public. Until then, I’m thinking 9 years back to the 2014 Forbes feature on “Big Data for Social Good.”

Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) was dubbed one of the Top 5 technologies to help “dramatically improve the lives of millions of people.”

They explained: “Being able to collect and store vast quantities of data is just the beginning: Using technology to pick out important indicators of trouble is helping society move forward.”

RTM was born from research at Rutgers University. The growing demand for RTM, and ease of use offered by RTMDx software, led to Simsi, the University startup exclusively able to deliver evidence-based RTM software and support globally.

Now cities, towns, departments and organizations using RTM are seeing high returns on investment, and that’s just the beginning. It’s yielding lots of “good”, from lower crime, to better community relations, to social justice and spatial equity, to better public safety programming.

DICE™ initiatives are set to launch in 5 new cities in the first few months of 2023 alone. Plus, Risk-Based Policing initiatives are expanding to enhance public safety in many other communities throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Training and support are helping to make these efforts effective and sustainable. It’s exciting times!

Simsi has a stellar, talented, team of employees. I’m proud to be a co-founder. Our strategic partners are amazing, principled, professionals. I’m fortunate to be able to work with all of them. And I’m thrilled to work with communities around the world to make RTM actionable — to empower local visions for better public safety.

Forbes made an accurate forecast for RTM back in 2014. We’re on track to exceed expectations.


Joel Caplan is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Simsi

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