Safe Night Strategic Partnership

UNITED STATES: We’re pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Safe Night LLC aimed at helping communities work collaboratively to address complex issues. Safe Night assists communities in developing multidisciplinary and collaborative programs focused on the co-production of safety among municipal agencies and community stakeholders using the innovative Proactive Alliance relationship-based model.

Dr. Joel Caplan, Chief Operating Officer of Simsi, said, “We have to think differently about crime prevention. Communities can be strengthened by data and analytics to inform effective and sustainable problem-solving that coordinates existing local resources for public safety programming. Safe Night does amazing work in line with this mindset. Together, we’ll work to empower multiple local stakeholders in cities and towns across the U.S. with training, tools, and analytic information to do what they do best at the places needing them most.”

Molly C. Mastoras, MA, LPC, President of Safe Night, said, “Our partnership with Simsi is very exciting. Our Proactive Alliance relationship-based approach dovetails with RTM place-based analysis, providing stakeholders with a clear path to engage with communities in a more purposeful and proactive way. Earning trust among community partners and stakeholders is an essential first step to launching successful initiatives, establishing ongoing community support, and working together to reduce harm and improve quality of life.”


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