Filter Tool (analyze subsets of data)

Use filter tools to focus the analysis on a particular subset of your data. This short video clip demonstrates how!

RTMDx lets you run temporal analyses for a specific time or date range (e.g. daytime/nighttime or summer/winter months). You can also filter by any other attribute in your topic issue dataset. For instance, the spatial influence of a bar or tavern at 10pm on a Friday can be very different than 10am on a Tuesday.


After you add your ‘Topic Issue’ dataset to the ‘Analysis Issue’ parameter setting on the ‘Analysis Tab’, you can then filter that data by date, time or other variable of interest.


Understanding the spatial-temporal context for crimes to emerge or persist is important. People may interact with some places at particular times to create unique situational risks at these settings. Run separate risk terrain models for the ‘Topic Issue’ incidents that group together (and are filtered) in meaningful ways.


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