Intersect Tool

Prioritize your resources with RTMDx. Focus on places that need them most!

Your RTM analysis is complete. You know which landscape features influence the spatial patterns of incidents . Now you need to identify which places to prioritize for resource deployments. Not all places are equally risky. When resources are limited you need to allocate them optimally. See below to learn how to do this easily in RTMDx.


Using the “Top N Places” and “Intersect” Tools, you can zero-in on the highest-risk locations in your jurisdiction, and key place features located there.


Let’s say for example that your jurisdiction has a total of 1000 places (cells) that make up the risk terrain.  This covers everywhere and ranges from lowest- to highest-risk places. You can narrow it down to focus on just the top 25 highest-risk places, or the top 5% (50 places), or any other manageable space to meet your needs.

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