Generate Temporal Heat Map

What’s the peak time for crime? Use RTMDx software to create temporal heat maps quickly and easily!

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With just 3 clicks the Temporal Heat Map Generator shows the distribution of your crime incidents by day and time. Gain powerful insights for your Risk Terrain Modeling analysis, resource deployments, and crime prevention activities.

If, for example, your crime incidents happen most often on weekends and from 1800-0200 hours, then you can run 2 risk terrain models instead of just one. That is, one for this peak and another one for the non-peak time period. Or, maybe it’s “daytime” and “nighttime” analyses. Or “weekend” and “weekday”…. Once you know about the unique risk terrain for the crime problem at different days/times or patrol shifts, you can select priority places to more optimally deploy resources accordingly.

HERE’S HOW SIMPLE IT IS: From the “Data Management” workspace, click the “Actions” button and select “Generate Heatmaps” from the dropdown menu. From the “Heat Map Generator” dialog box, select the “Topic Issue” layer to analyze, then specify the “Date” and “Time” attribute fields within that Topic Issue file. Your heatmap will automatically generate for immediate viewing. You can also download it as a high-resolution image (add it to your final reports!).

Remember that in order to generate a temporal heatmap, your dataset must contain “date” and “time” as attributes (as two different fields in your shapefile).

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