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Expert opinions are more valuable when forged from defensible analytics. Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) analysis is peer-reviewed and scientifically proven to yield actionable insights for crime risk assessments and forecasting. RTM connects crime issues with environmental features and delivers reports that articulate situational contexts and opportunities for illegal behavior at key settings. RTM is routinely used in the US, Canada, and other countries around the world to diagnose and understand crime location patterns for decision-making that reflects local priorities. It empowers safety and security professionals to take justified and effective actions to protect people and places.

Simsi makes RTM software and written reports accessible to business and consulting professionals. Simsi’s user-friendly software-as-a-service lets you run your own analyses and produce maps, charts, and custom reports for any geography. The companion mobile app puts risk scores and landscape feature details in the palm of your hand for site visits, fieldwork, or daily operations. Simsi’s in-house analysts can get you up-and-running quickly with personalized training or produce reports-on-demand for you to incorporate into your own branded deliverables.

SiteRisk™ Reports deliver assessments of any address relative to other addresses within the same city or town. Communicate, for example, how the likelihood of violent crime at your property is four times lower than the average risk throughout the city.

PlaceGauge™ Reports help you judge your property’s risk score within its larger geographic context. For example, your address may have a relatively low risk of crime at the local level, but the city where it’s located has a relatively higher risk compared to other parts of the county. These and other RTM generated products visualize relative risks and zero-in on the states, counties, municipalities, and addresses that are meaningful to you.

RTM intelligence helps you create and implement smart strategies. Professionals in retail, education, healthcare, real estate, and transportation use RTM to gain foreseeability, mitigate risk, and find suitable sites. Optimally allocate resources and confidently do what you do best where it’s needed most.

What are the relative risks among multiple properties? Do some co-located features of the landscape interact to aggravate crime risks? Why are some areas so attractive or suitable for illegal behavior? How are people interacting at places to create situational contexts for crime or other hazardous outcomes? What’s the likelihood of crime next quarter, or next year? RTM analytics answer these types of questions and provide critical details about place-based risks, resulting in widespread benefits to you and your clients.

As discussed in the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) Newsletter, February 2023.


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