Organized Retail Crime

Organized retail crime and related safety concerns are a big issue for retailers today. It amounts to a $69-100B loss per year for the private sector, and it impacts the public, law enforcement, and justice systems too. Reputations are damaged and law-abiding consumers feel the impact through poor shopping experiences or increased prices.

Simsi crosses the boundary between retail business security and policing, so our direct integration to business needs is a natural fit. Simsi’s existing RTMDx SaaS solution excels at combining multiple disparate datasets for crime analysis. Thus, partnerships which bring in business data (e.g. unreported losses or safety incidents) to merge with crime data reported to police offer exceptional opportunities to prescribe prevention and risk reduction actions within specific stores, across multiple store sites within the same jurisdiction, or systematically across large retail chains.

Simsi is the sole source for Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) analytics to diagnose crime patterns at the hyper-local level — both within retail store buildings and throughout cities or other geographic regions. Our existing community-centric products are more accurate and instructive to those who aim to reduce loss than alternative options, and our SiteRisk™ and PlaceGauge™ reports provide better insights to retailers as they consider address-level risk for asset protection, security resource allocations, and real estate investments. Simsi analytics also identify the most vulnerable locations for crime displacement, or the “next best victim” properties after actual or near-miss incidents.

Crime risks for different stores within the same jurisdiction are relative, and Simsi is the only analytic product on the market that is sensitive to this reality.

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