What is RTMDx™️?

RTMDx™ is the original and only official software for Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM). It is our flagship product.

RTMDx™ is a powerful suite of easy-to-use tools for analysts to diagnose crime patterns, prioritize places in need, and coordinate resources for prevention. It produces clear reports and maps that professionals around the world rely on for actionable decision-making and effective public safety programming.

Act Quickly and Comprehensively > Use RTMDx to quickly map risky places and prioritize responsive actions. Take RTMDx to the next level by engaging communities and coordinating programs among multiple stakeholders.

Solve Problems > Use RTMDx to incorporate professional judgment into risk analysis, planning and strategies that are place-based and actionable. Maximize your local resources and expertise to solve problems.

Have Confidence > RTMDx is based on scientific peer-reviewed research. It has been independently tested and proven in the United States and dozens of other countries across 6 continents.