ASEBP 2023 was Legendary

The ASEBP 2023 conference in Vegas was legendary for many reasons. The Simsi Team is proud to have been a sponsor.

Be sure to check out the recorded video presentations (in the Whova app) by Iain Agar (Metropolitan Police Service, United Kingdom), Geoffrey Vail (Wichita PD), and Jennifer Sharp (Grand Rapids PD). They’re trailblazers of evidence-based policing with Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), risk-based policing, and data-informed community engagement. They demonstrate how RTM can empower visions for better public safety in ways that meet local community expectations. Really impressive work!

Schedule your free local demo of the one-and-only RTM software at

As recent past President of ASEBP Renée Mitchell said during her plenary speech, “There should be a difference between sending out a patrol, and an immediate solution verse long-term problem-solving. Those get applied two different ways and there’s research that supports both of those things. Like Risk Terrain Modeling.”

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland further discussed the role that NIJ-funded research on Risk Terrain Modeling plays in helping cities develop “tailored strategies to prevent and disrupt violence in collaboration with the people experiencing it” during his address a week later to attendees of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Research Conference in Arlington, Virginia.

Check out this easy-to-share “1-pager” on RTM for crime prevention:

Cheers to other co-sponsors for helping to make the conference possible. And thank you to the ASEBP Board for organizing, UNLV for hosting, and the city’s Department of Public Safety and UNLV police for keeping everyone in attendance safe and secure.
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