Summertime Safe Spaces

Are you ready for the Summer (crime) season?

Crime patterns change. The time-of-day or day-of-week makes risky places even more fluid. Summer weather, travel and other activities can make crime patterns more dynamic.

Different crime types such as robbery, burglary or motor vehicle theft have their own unique seasonal trends and spatial patterns. Even traffic crashes or pedestrian injuries might begin to cluster in locations that differ from the hot spots experienced at other times of the year. Pools, parks, school grounds, restaurants, night clubs, or shopping areas may present new contexts and opportunities for illegal behavior during the summer compared to previous months.

More people on the streets and other public spaces due to tourism or outdoor community activities could strain already-stretched police resources. Data analysis can help guide prevention strategies to keep people and property safe.

Analyzing your data with Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) helps prioritize where to go and what to focus on when you get there. Identify environmental conditions that connect with crime incidents before they cluster or become persistent hot spots. Diagnose the ‘spatial M.O.’ of newly emerging crime series or sprees. Anticipate displacement and be in the right places at the right times.

There’s now more cities and towns than ever before that rely on Simsi software for public safety. Common use-cases are easy to begin locally. They’re designed for modern policing operations and the current demands of communities and crime prevention during the Summer season.

RTM lets you use current data to understand current patterns, and stay ahead of crime risks before they become crime problems.

Simsi provides RTM reports on-demand, RTMDx software subscriptions to run your own analyses, and Site Risk Reports for security and asset protection at any business or address.

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