Hyper-local analytics with global reach

Focused on places.
We're all about human connections to them.

Powered by Risk Terrain Modeling, our software shows how people interact at particular places and times to create contexts and opportunities for specific behaviors and outcomes, such as crime.
Exclusively partnered with Rutgers University for Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM). We are the sole source for RTM software. RTM has a proven track record with successful outcomes that reflect community priorities.


Years of science backing it


Years of new research advancing it


Research studies published with it

Our approach

Results oriented

Humans have made places part of our identity.

Places, like humans, can change. They can be restored or rehabilitated. They can be made safer. They can be strengthened.

Simsi's software empowers people to solve problems, prevent crime, and enhance public safety. Actionable analytics inform decisions about where to go and what to focus on when you get there.

Our approach adds context to data, invites multiple perspectives, and makes your actions effective and sustainable.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

We help you hit-the-ground-running. You get personalized training, service and support to build your confidence in running analyses and discussing results, all at your pace.

It's all included!

We're committed to supporting your work while YOU get the credit for success.

Our values


Our data-informed approach to public safety maximizes existing local resources and expertise to solve problems and strengthen community relations.


Our software makes data relatable to multiple stakeholders so, together, you can craft the best strategies for prevention and service.


Our analytics paints a better picture of what's affecting crime patterns, without the bias. See where to go, throughout the city, and what to focus on when you get there.


Transparency and community partnerships go hand-in-hand. We excel at both, which makes Simsi stand out above other options.


Evidence-based and high quality, our software and services are affordable and scalable to meet your needs now and in the future.


Our analytics offer an irreversible perspective on safety and risk that drives action.

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