Geocode and Explore Your Geography

Use Simsi software to explore your geography!

With RTMDx, you can quickly explore your geographic landscape to search for places, features, or a single address. See what exists at or around risky areas. Gain a street-level perspective. Use the basic geocoding tool to plot a single address or import a CSV file to plot multiple addresses at once. Do all of this and more directly within the RTMDx Pocket GIS.

HERE’S HOW SIMPLE IT IS: Run an analysis in your RTMDx account. Then, from the Report Page on the Analysis Tab, click the “explore/geocode” button. The window that appears will show a Google Maps base layer. From the radio buttons (menu at the top), select one of the four Risk Terrain Maps to layer on top of the base map. A “text search” box and a “geocode addresses” tab will appear on the right side of the window. Use the “text search” tab to search for places (e.g., coffee shops), a single address, or other types of landscape features. Click the “search places” button. The location(s) will be plotted on top of your map and details about each plotted location will appear in a table below the search box. You can also drag the pegman to a particular area on the map to see a street view. Use the “geocode addresses” tab to geocode a single address or click the “upload CSV” button to upload a CSV file with multiple addresses; they will be geocoded on the fly and layered as point features on top of your map.

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