RTMDx Educational Pricing

Simsi offers reduced pricing to support teaching, academic research and public scholarship as part of the company mission to encourage practical applications of Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) for the public good.


RTMDx software subscriptions are available at discounted rates for students, teachers, and educational sites based on need and other considerations.


Active students, instructors and administrators from all types of academic institutions are eligible to apply. People of all ages are eligible.

Analyst at Computer


To help generate, share, or learn new knowledge of spatial analysis with Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM). And, to encourage research and professional practice using RTMDx software.

Review Criteria

  • Applications require a brief proposal for the intended use.
  • Applications are evaluated based on an assessment of the intended use and other criteria.
  • Proof of active affiliation with educational institution is required.
  • Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.


Use of discounted Simsi products for teaching and scholarship activities are limited to the clients’ institutional site and by people directly affiliated with it.

Work products and related deliverables intended as scholarship under an Edu subscription tier should be:

  • Ad hoc and uncompensated, and
  • Provided to a variety of recipients over time, not to particular clients or end-users repeatedly, and
  • Published or otherwise made generally accessible to a broad public audience without cost or delay, whenever appropriate, or
  • Used and shared only in a classroom setting for teaching, learning, and related purposes to earn grades or course credits.

Application Form

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. RECOMMENDED: Draft your responses to the form fields elsewhere, offline. Then copy and past into this form when you're ready to submit a complete application.

Edu Form
What best describes your role at the educational institution?

Maximum file size: 16.78MB