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DICE™ is the product that provides a strategic framework and process for crime prevention and public safety with Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM). It enables data-informed and community-focused activities and outcomes that meet local needs and expectations with its focus on … Read More

Crime Prevention Evidence

Simsi analytics show you which settings attract criminal behavior in order to disrupt opportunities for crime by focusing on the environment. Simsi’s RTMDx SaaS platform meets community expectations for crime prevention and the operational needs of police at all levels of government … Read More

Geocode and Explore Your Geography

Use Simsi software to explore your geography! With RTMDx, you can quickly explore your geographic landscape to search for places, features, or a single address. See what exists at or around risky areas. Gain a street-level perspective. Use the basic geocoding … Read More

Safe Night Strategic Partnership

UNITED STATES: We’re pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Safe Night LLC aimed at helping communities work collaboratively to address complex issues. Safe Night assists communities in developing multidisciplinary and collaborative programs focused on the co-production of safety … Read More

Summertime Safe Spaces

Are you ready for the Summer (crime) season? Crime patterns change. The time-of-day or day-of-week makes risky places even more fluid. Summer weather, travel and other activities can make crime patterns more dynamic. Different crime types such as robbery, burglary … Read More

Real-Time Crime & Fusion Centers

Police are under pressure to prevent crime without focusing on people. They need the tools to effectively focus on places instead. The solution is Simsi analytics that tell you which settings attract criminal behavior in order to disrupt opportunities for … Read More

Hazel Crest Partnership

ILLINOIS, USA: We’re proud to partner with the Village of Hazel Crest and the Hazel Crest Police Department on their use of DICE™ for crime prevention and public safety.  Simsi’s DICE™ Program with Risk Terrain Modeling analytics provides mission critical … Read More

Dispatch Communications and 1st Responder Safety

Knowledge about risky places can be used by dispatch and communications professionals to assess and manage personal injury risks to first responders at any address throughout a jurisdiction. Make real-time risk assessments on a call-by-call basis to optimize resources and … Read More

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) analysis brings the crime and land-use components of CPTED together with an empirical twist. Physical landscapes consciously and unconsciously influence human behaviors. Altering the physical design of landscapes is a main goal of CPTED. RTM identifies … Read More

Business, Security and Asset Protection

Expert opinions are more valuable when forged from defensible analytics. Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) analysis is peer-reviewed and scientifically proven to yield actionable insights for crime risk assessments and forecasting. RTM connects crime issues with environmental features and delivers reports that … Read More