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Risk Terrain Modeling diagnoses which environmental features are influencing where crime happens. It helps you explain why crime is occurring so you can you tailor your prevention strategies, fix hotspots, and prevent displacement.

"RTMDx helps us bring insightful information to community groups who coordinate programs that lower the risk of violent gun crimes in our city."
Alan Cohen
President/CEO of CPAL (Non-Profit in Dallas)

What is Simsi?

Simsi is a web application for place-analytics that diagnoses why certain locations are attracting criminal behavior using Risk Terrain Modeling.

Designed for Crime Analysts, our tools go beyond hotspot mapping to tell you why not just where.

Available from any device with a web browser, Simsi is the ultimate tool for place-based analytics.

Features & Reports

Features to Supercharge your Analysis

Simsi is a web application with powerful tools. You can also add-on professional services to help augment your staff.

Risk Terrain Modeling Analytics

Risk Terrain Modeling diagnoses the features of the environment that contribute to risky places in a systematic, repeatable, way so you can analyze new data every month and track your intervention progress.

Available anywhere Pocket GIS

Our platform doesn’t rely on any specific CAD/RMS or other analytic tools. Access to the Pocket GIS allows you to do analysis on-the-go without any desktop applications or special tools.

Ready to work with any data

Our software accepts CSV files, Esri Shapefiles, or KML files. Our tools automatically handle coordinate system transformations and other common geospatial data issues. Our graphing and charting tools work with any format. We meet you where you are so you can get meaningful results today without huge changes or investments in other tools.

Simsi Analyst Augmentation

Overworked and swamped with tasks? Our internal analysts can help augment your analytical capacity with common tasks like data cleaning, analysis, or report generation. With the Simsi Analyst add-on we act as an extension of your team focusing on Place-Based analytics for your agency. We believe Analysts are incredibly important and our primary focus is helping you succeed and get credit for the important work you do.

Why Choose Us

Places, not People

Make places safer to prevent crime without focusing on people.

Why, not Only Where

Understand what to focus on and what to do when you get to high risk locations.

No External Dependencies

Works with any CAD/RMS system. No large scale implementation or changes to your tools are necessary.

Save Time & Money

Preventing crime with RTM can save the local emergency response system over 10x the subscription cost.

Client Testimonials

“Our crime-fighting strategy would not have been the same without RTMDx. Its commonsense, easy-to-use platform made complex spatial analyses easy for analysts of all abilities. Best of all, the outputs and reports were seamlessly created, easy to understand, and actionable to our members.”
Jonas Baughman, Captain
Kansas City, MO Police Department
“RTMDx has enabled me to analyze risky facilities at a larger scale than I could have done using traditional methods. With RTMDx I can examine multiple facilities across an entire jurisdiction to understand risk narratives at multiple hot spots in one reproducible task that can be tracked over time.”
Iain Agar, Crime Analyst
Metropolitan Police Service, UK
“Risk Terrain Modeling is a non-biased approach to addressing the reason for WHY crime is occurring in a given location. RTM allows us to focus on the true causes of crime and fix the problems.”
James Nolette, Assistant Chief
Fayetteville, NC Police Department

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Clients see an average crime reduction of 30% and independent cost benefit analyses have shown cost savings of 10x the investment in Simsi’s platform from the decrease in stress on local emergency response systems (police, EMS, hospitals).

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